Code of Conduct

About of Department

  • The college attaches great importance to discipline and the same must be scrupulously observed by all students. Failure to comply with any of the rules, regulations or requirements notified from time to time will lead to strict disciplinary action.

College Discipline

  • Students must always keep with them the Identity Card issued by the college with their recent photograph affixed, bearing the signature of the Principal. They must present it for inspection or verification whenever demanded by the college Authorities and / or Security Staff. No student shall be allowed to attend lectures, practicals etc. unless he / she has his / her Identity, Card with him / her.
  • Students must not attend lectures other than their own without the special permission of the Professor concerned.
  • Students should make use of the college library and students must not loiter in the college premises whenever they have a free Period.
  • Students must be in their classes in time. Late comers may not be allowed to enter the classes.
  • Students must do nothing either inside or outside the college that will in any way interfere with its orderly administration and discipline. They should not communicate any information or write anything about the college to the press without the written permission of the Principal.
  • Students are liable to lose their semester for disobedience, misconduct, misbehavior or for any act of indiscipline. Students must take proper care of all the college properties. Any damage done to the property of the college by disfiguring walls, doors, windows and fitting or breaking furniture and such other things is breach of discipline and will be punishable as such. Smoking, Tobacco-Chewing, use of Drugs etc. are strictly prohibited in the college premises.
  • Use of Mobile Phones, Pagers, Walkman etc, in the college premises is strictly prohibited.
  • No association or organization shall be formed, no meeting shall be held, no person will be invited to address the students in the college without the prior written permission of the Principal.
  • No picnics, social excursion or tours shall be arranged without the prior written permission of the Principal. If students join an unofficial picnic or tour, the college shall not be responsible for anything that happens in the picnic or tour.
  • No student shall collect money as contribution to picnic, trip, educational visit get-together, study notes. charity or any other activity without the prior written sanction of the Principal.
  • In the college debates and other meetings. chair must be taken by a responsible person approved by the Principal and the subject of debates or lectures must have the prior approval of the Principal.
  • Students joining the college shall observe all the Rules and Regulations of the college laid down from time to time.
  • Matters not covered by the existing rules will be at the discretion of the Principal.

College Regulations

  • Al students are responsible to tile Principal, the Vice Principal and members of the staff for their conduct in College premises.
  • Insubordination, abusive language, misbehavior or misconduct can lead to the dismissal of a student.
  • Demonstration of any kind in the college is strictly prohibited.
  • Incase of sickness, a leave application shall be submitted to the college office along with a medical certificate within two days of resuming the college. Fitness certificate at the time of resuming the college is essential.
  • All the receipts On account of the fines imposed on students for any cause whatsoever shall accrue to the Students’ Aid Fund of the College.
  • Al students applying for bonafide certificates, character certificates, birth date certificate, testimonials etc. and requiring the Principal or Vice Principal’s signature on any kind of document or application should first contact the Head Clerk in the College Office. No papers should be taken by the students directly to the Principal or the Vice-Principal.
  • As per Ordinance 6086 of University. each student is required to maintain a minimum of 75, attendance in each term in each course, failing which the college authorities may not allow the student to appear at the final examination.
  • Students must complete the semester to the satisfaction of the Principal failing which they may be debarred as per University Ordnance 123.

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