Cultural refers to aspects related to the beliefs, customs, traditions, values, art, and social behaviors of a particular group of people. It encompasses the shared knowledge, practices, and artifacts that shape the identity and way of life of a community, society, or civilization. Cultural elements can include language, religion, cuisine, music, dance, literature, clothing, architecture, festivals, rituals, and more.

Event Planning: Organizing cultural events, festivals, exhibitions, performances, and workshops that highlight different aspects of culture, such as music, dance, art, theater, cuisine, or traditional practices.

Cultural Awareness and Education :

Promoting cultural awareness and understanding among members of the organization or community through educational programs, presentations, and workshops.

Cultural Competitions :

Arranging competitions and contests related to cultural activities, such as singing, dancing, painting, or storytelling, to encourage participation and talent development.

Collaboration and Networking :

Establishing partnerships and collaborations with cultural organizations, artists, performers, and local communities to enhance cultural exchange and engagement.

Cultural Documentation :

Documenting and recording cultural practices, rituals, stories, and traditions to preserve and share cultural knowledge within the organization or community

A health committee, also known as a healthcare committee or wellness committee, is a group formed within an organization, community, or institution that focuses on promoting and addressing health-related issues. The committee works to improve the overall health and well-being of its members or the community it serves.


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Ms. Manali Chauhan Cultural Co-ordinator & Head
2 Ms. Divya Solanki Member
3 Mr. Nibil T. Member
4 Ms. Dimpal Tamboli Member
5 Ms. Krutakshi Parmar Member
6 Ms. Panchami T Member
7 Dr. Dipika Vishe. Member
8 Mr. Mayur Koli Member


Events and Activities

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