An Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) is typically a committee or organization within an educational institution or a community that focuses on fostering an entrepreneurial mind-set and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs

The primary objectives of an EDC Committee are to:

Promote Entrepreneurship: The committee works to create awareness and encourage students or individuals to explore entrepreneurship as a career path.

Skill Development: The committee organizes workshops, training programs, and mentoring sessions to enhance entrepreneurial skills such as idea generation, business planning, market research, financial management, and networking.

Networking and Collaboration: The committee facilitates connections between aspiring entrepreneurs, established entrepreneurs, industry professionals, investors, and other relevant stakeholders to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Incubation and Support: Establishing and managing incubation centers or programs that provide physical space, infrastructure, networking opportunities, and business support services to startups and early-stage entrepreneurs.


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Ajit Ambekar Co-ordinator
2 Ms. Akansha Agnihotri Member
3 Ms. Dipika Vishe Member
4 Ms. Neetu Sharma Member


Events and Activities

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