The specific objectives and activities of a health committee can vary depending on its context and purpose. However, some common responsibilities of a health committee may include:

Health Promotion and Education :

Planning and implementing initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles, disease prevention, and overall well-being. This can involve organizing health campaigns, workshops, seminars, and distributing educational materials.

Wellness Programs :

Creating and managing wellness programs that encourage individuals to engage in healthy behaviours. This can involve initiatives such as fitness challenges, stress management programs, smoking cessation support, and weight management programs.

Health and Safety Policies :

Developing and advocating for policies and guidelines that support a healthy and safe environment within the organization or community. This may include initiatives related to workplace health and safety, proper nutrition, mental health support, and physical activity.


Sr. No. Name
1 Ms. Mamta Singh (Asst.Professor)
2 Ms. Supriya Aher (Asst.Professor)


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