Vision and Mission


To bloom into centres of excellence for Education and pace setter in rural India with its quality processes and procedures interwoven with freedom of flexibility, moulding highly creative professionals of superior quality dedicated to the progress and development of humanity, sound in research and Ethical leaders who contribute to the social and economic development of the Country.


To prepare the students to see beyond geographical limits and belong to a new age of acquisition and application of Commerce and Technology.
  • To meet the challenges of the changing world thereby contributing to the socio-economic welfare of the country with due concern to the marginalized, inspired and guided by gospel values.
  • To Empower global community by graduating talented and skilled graduates.
  • To make them think Rationally, Critically & Creatively for their lifelong Engagement.
  • To lead innovative work through cutting edge advances by preserving our Culture. The Faculty, under the guidance of the Principal, are committed to mould a new generation of the students who will be harbingers in Commerce, Science & Technology, Technical and Legal advancement

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