Sy Ty Admission

Admission Process

Sy Ty Admissions

Admission Process for Second year and Third year Programs :

From Academic year 2022-23, the University has enabled an online application process for registered students of undergraduate and Postgraduate programs. So that students can apply for FY to SY and SY to TY or PG-II programs through Digital University portal.

Below are the major steps for SY/TY and PG-Part-II admission for academic year 2021-22:

1. Students will login on by using their PRN and password(Students can receive their password using Forgot password link or use your birthdate (in yymmdd format) as a password For Example: if your birthdate is 12 June 1998 then your password will be 980612).
2. Students will click on apply for Next course part term.(Example: FY student of 2021-22 will apply for SY and SY student will apply to TY accordingly.) and select the papers of both semesters.
3. Students can take printout of their application.

For More details refer University Circular ( Click here )

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